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President & CEO of Labor Issues Solutions, LLC Kevin Dayton has dedicated his professional career to these principles of government:

  • a free market economic framework
  • limited and minimalist government
  • economic and personal freedom
  • balanced budgets
  • low taxes and fees
  • reasonable regulations that are few in number and necessary for public order
  • adherence to the constitutional structure of American government, even when it is inconvenient, offensive, or an impediment to “solving problems”
  • a proper and segregated relationship between government and the institutions of commerce, marriage, family, and church

Dayton learned the following political arts and sciences during 23 years of comprehensive and challenging professional experience:

  • issue research and analysis
  • strategic planning and management for developing and implementing public policies
  • compiling historical records of activity on public policy issues
  • evaluating issues under a broad perspective of federal, state, and local government involvement
  • evaluating issues under a broad perspective of legislative, executive, and judicial branch involvement
  • developing and coordinating coalitions
  • encouraging interested parties to communicate with their government
  • public relations
  • political mailer conceptual design and message content (I contract out for the actual graphic work)
  • campaign strategy
  • campaign and issue advocacy fundraising


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