Monday, 08 October 2012 04:16

PLA Fact Check-Failures on Time and on Budget

Los Angeles Unified School District Gives Us Another Example of a Failed PLA Promise
The letter below was forwarded to us by one of our members who has had some work under the LAUSD PLA. That PLA was signed in 1999 and has covered all the work taking place under the District's successive bond measures for 10 years.  It has failed miserably on so many counts it is hard to keep track but here is just a portion. The local unions assured LAUSD up and down that if they agreed to a PLA they would not have work stoppages, manpower shortage issues, delays etc. The contractor who forwarded us this letter has a couple of projects at LAUSD under the PLA and has placed numerous requests for manpower from IBEW Local # 11 that have and continue to go unanswered. Of course they have manned the projects with our own merit-shop forces to stay on schedule. The lack of manpower, however, has affected several other contractors as well. The ultimate result has been project delays and change order requests to LAUSD as a result of the manpower issues. Those requests helped generate the following letter and notice from LAUSD.  
Just more unnecessary absurdity and taxpayer dollars wasted as a result of forcing contractors to work in ways they otherwise would never have to, union and non-union alike.  The Alice-in-Wonderland experiment with PLAs in LAUSD, and around the state, continues on along a highway littered with broken promises countless millions wasted.