Friday, 09 November 2012 01:30

Breaking news! Unions agree to drop convention center objections due to "agreement”.

As we have been detailing for some time the threats of a Project Labor Agreement (PLA) on the new San Diego Convention Center Expansion are very real. Why else would unions be spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to file environmental complaints?

As has just been reported local union bosses have just announced they will drop their "objections" now that an "agreement" has been reached on certain aspects of the project. Yes, with a straight face and with the Mayor and Port Officials standing by their side, local union bosses just admitted that they will hold up construction projects using environmental objections until they have their demands met! Yet not one person stated the obvious or seemed embarrassed by it, and not one question was posed asking why union bosses use the environment to hold projects hostage until they get their demands met.

One question that was asked was whether or not a PLA had been agreed to. Port and City officials apparently said "No, those are illegal in San Diego" thanks to the PLA ban that was passed in June. Lorena Gonzalez, however, made it clear that what unions couldn't get from the Port and City due to legal constraints they would get from the GC, Clark Construction.

For Clark's sake they had better hope that does not mean a PLA or anything like it.

Stay tuned.