Dear Friends of Free Markets and Open Competition,

Welcome to the Coalition for Fair Employment in Construction Website!

Protecting workers’ rights and providing owners with the best quality work at the best price. Always.

Those are the principles that have guided CFEC for 12 years.

Unfortunately, those are not the ideals of many politicians and their political benefactors in Big Labor who continue to push schemes to end open and competitive bidding for construction projects through the use of Project Labor Agreements (PLAs).

PLAs are kickback schemes that drive up the cost of construction, costing hard-working taxpayers millions of dollars - dollars that could be spent for better schools, better roads and better parks. PLAs discriminate against 85% of the construction industry that is union-free and deny the vast majority of construction firms the opportunity to even bid on projects. Fewer bids mean higher costs. It's that simple.

While the threat of Project Labor Agreements still looms across California, the days of PLAs just rolling into effect unopposed are long gone. Thanks to the efforts of the CFEC and our allies, we are educating voters, taxpayers and politicians about the waste and fraud associated with PLAs.

Our success has not stopped PLA advocates, however. Despite our numerous victories, Big Labor remains relentless in their efforts to subvert free, fair, and open competitive bidding process. Because they cannot provide taxpayers and owners the best quality work at the best price, they need to enact policies that discriminate against merit shop contractors and workers.

This is an ongoing battle. We appreciate your past support and hope that concerned contractors like you will continue to help us protect your rights and the rights of taxpayers throughout the state. By doing so, you will not only help us ensure open competition, but thanks to our 501c6 status, you can write off 75% of your contribution! Unlike the Big Labor, we do not have compulsory dues to fill our coffers so your voluntary support is critical to our campaign. Please click on the \'Donate\' button above to make a contribution online now.

On behalf of all of us here at CFEC, thank you for your consideration and support!


Eric Christen
Executive Director